Computer Vision Project - Quad Rotor following a green ball

2010 Videos

SDSMT UAV IARC 2010 Position Control Tuning - Pitch and Roll

SDSMT UAV IARC 2010 Position Control Tuning - Pitch

SDSMT UAV IARC 2010 Flash Drive Retrieval

2008 Videos

2008 Brushless SERV Testing

2008 Brushless SERV Testing

2007 Videos

SDSMT UAV Dragon Flyer Drop 11-7-07

11-1-07 Stage 1 Flight

SDSMT UAV Auto Hover and Flight Tuning 10-30-07 Flight 1

SDSMT UAV Auto Hover 10-30-07 Flight 2

SDSMT UAV Auto Bow Tie Formation 10-29-07

SDSMT UAV 2008 Promo

SDSM&T UAV SERV Autonoumous Take-off and Altitude Control 10-16-07



SDSM&T UAV SERV Urban Flight Demonstrations

SDSM&T UAV SERV Disturbance Demonstrations

SDSM&T Sub-vehicle Flight 7-18-2007 Autonomous Altitude Deomonstration

Main Helicopter Crash 8-31-07

2006 Videos

SERV Flight June 12, 2005 The SERV flies again after a major rebuild of all components.

Engine Failure April 16, 2005 Helicopter Pilot Mark Sauder landed the helicopter without damage.

Video - Small 1.8MB

Video - Large 24MB

SERV Flight Test March 2006.

3KM Flight Video - Size: 8MB

SERV Flight Test.

2005 Videos

Manual flight demonstration for SR1-B, February 3rd, 2005.

UAV Team Recruiting Video.

UAV Promotion Video 2005.

2004 Videos

March 27th 2004 Manual Flight Test

Landing Gear Test


Sept 2014

Competition Results: 1st in student division, 4th overall
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June 2014

We have a functional Hexcopter!

We have working computer vision code

Video of flight and CV test