Some of the things we are working on:

  • Payload drop calculation - This will be a 'node' in the system that is responsible for managing the payload. It will be used to create a flight plan for dropping a payload.
  • User interface for flight configuration - We will have a very basic UI for creating flight plans and uploading them to the vehicle.
  • Computer vision (target recognition) - Mark was working on glyph recognition. He's moved on to recognizing hand gestures.
  • Controller - As I mentioned in the electronics section, Lawrance and I might be working on a way of controlling the vehicle on a lower level than GPS coordinates.
  • ROS - ROS gives us the ability to create all of these software pieces independently and tie them together. Each 'node' will be its own process running on the computer. ROS allows these programs to talk to each other and work together.


Sept 2014

Competition Results: 1st in student division, 4th overall
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June 2014

We have a functional Hexcopter!

We have working computer vision code

Video of flight and CV test