We have two vehicle frames in development right now. The main one is made of aluminum. The design is such that it can be configured as a quad or hex rotor. Manufacturing was completed and we just finished assembling it

The other vehicle is an experimental quadcopter made out of balsa wood.

We will be going with the Multiwii or the Aeroquad for flight control. These are responsible for keeping the vehicle in control and translating our control input into individual rotor speeds.

An Odroid will be used primarily for number crunching. It will be taking input from sensors (camera, distance sensors, GPS...) and using it to make decisions.

We have also been working on simulating the dynamics of a quadrotor.


Sept 2014

Competition Results: 1st in student division, 4th overall
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June 2014

We have a functional Hexcopter!

We have working computer vision code

Video of flight and CV test