2012 Team

The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Unmanned Aerial Vehicle team (SDSM&T UAV) is currently in the process of designing and developing many solutions to the possible scenarios of the AVC competition. The various areas of research enable the team to be well prepared for the various competition situations that may be encountered.

Currently, areas of research and study include:

  • Wireless transmission

  • Microcontroller development

  • Robotic Operating System(ROS) development

  • Computer Vision

  • Electrical Design

  • And Mechanical Design

The combination of these elements will enable the team to be prepared to design and implement a solution in the months before the competition.



Sept 2014

Competition Results: 1st in student division, 4th overall
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June 2014

We have a functional Hexcopter!

We have working computer vision code

Video of flight and CV test