2003 Team

The UAV Team met for the late in the spring semester of 2003. The team was formed in response to a grant from the Army Research Laboratory. It was quickly determined that there was not enough time to develop a system to compete in the 2003 competition, so the time was spent studying the competition rules and developing an understanding of what is needed to complete the competition. The team then began working on a system for the 2004 competition. The team purchased a small R/C helicopter known as the Venture as a platform to begin our development of a UAV. The concept of developing a four rotor sub-vehicle was also introduced. After the school year ended in the fall, the leader of the UAV left for another school causing work to stop over the summer.


Sept 2014

Competition Results: 1st in student division, 4th overall
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June 2014

We have a functional Hexcopter!

We have working computer vision code

Video of flight and CV test